Consumer Transfer

Consumer Tapes To DVD
$14.95Per Tape
  • VHS, 8mm, Mini DV, Betamax
  • Your Text Printed On Disc
  • Packaging Included
  • Video DVD Included
  • Hard Drive Transfer Available
  • Quantity Discounts Available

Broadcast Transfer

Broadcast Tapes To DVD
$24.95Per Tape
  • 3/4 Umatic, Betacam, HDV
  • Your Text Printed On Disc
  • Packaging Included
  • Video DVD Included
  • Hard Drive Transfer Available
  • Quantity Discounts Available

PAL VHS Transfer

$19.95Per Tape
  • Your Text Printed On Disc
  • Packaging Included
  • Video DVD Included
  • Hard Drive Transfer Available
  • Quantity Discounts Available

About Our Video Tape Transfer Service

Turnaround Time: 1 – 5 Business Days

Maximum: 2 Hours Per DVD (Best Quality)

Available Output Sources: DVD (default), MP4, AVI, or MOV

All original material will be returned with your order.

The DVDs you receive back will be custom-labeled for easy sorting and storage. They can be played on DVD players, computers and laptops.

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Preserve Your Video Tapes For Generations To Come

Your video tapes are a victim of humidity, heat or time itself destroying them forever. We can convert any video tape to DVD or a hard drive.

By using professional VCR’s, along with color correction equipment, your video transfer will receive the best playback and quality possible. Don’t wait until it is too late and your treasured memories on video tape are lost to time!

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Local Drop Off

If you are in the San Diego area you can drop off your order at our office located in Kearny Mesa. Walk ins are welcome, no appointment required!


Ship Us Your Order

If you prefer to ship us your order or are outside the San Diego area you can download our order form and follow the shipping instructions.

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(858) 292-0818

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We Use Archival Grade Discs

Perfect Image Video understands the importance of preserving your video tapes. Our video to DVD transfer service only uses archival grade discs to ensure your memories will last a lifetime.

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Our Video Tape to DVD Transfers Are Safe and Top Of The Line.

Professional Grade VCRs

Our VCR’s are industrial grade and have playback features that consumer decks are not equipped with.

Customized DVD Disc

We will print a short title on each of your DVD discs so you know exactly what memories have been transferred.

Made In The U.S.A

All our media transfers are done in house by our experienced technicians. Your order never leaves our facility until it is ready to be picked up or shipped back to you.

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Video Transfer FAQs

Technically yes — but practically no. The VOB MPEG video that a DVD contains is difficult to convert to an editable file. Once converted, it can be edited but the image quality really suffers when the video is re-rendered. If you plan to edit the digital version from your video transfer you should have us transfer the video to a hard drive in an uncompressed AVI or Quicktime file format.

Our transfer service is a straight transfer from one media to another. If you would like scenes removed or changed you will need to schedule an editing appointment.

2 hours at the highest quality. It’s possible to squeeze in more at the expense of video quality, but we don’t recommend it.

The life span of a recorded disc depends upon such things as the properties of the materials used in the disc’s construction, its manufactured quality and its physical handling and storage.

The disc manufacturer we use carried out an accelerated age testing by subjecting samples of its discs to environments that are beyond those experienced under normal storage conditions. Based on their extensive age testing, they believe their discs will last about 100 years.

Yes. We can usually overcome the more common types of physical damage like broken shells or creased/twisted tape with no problems.

We may not be able to recover everything on the tape but we try to rescue the undamaged sections. There is an additional charge for this service.

Over the long haul, yes. Your first step towards preservation is getting your old degrading analog video off its original source and applied to longer-lasting digital media. We use professional video equipment along with advanced color correction which helps the picture tremendously.

With Perfect Image Video, you get MUCH more than what you pay for! Other services charge varying rates for different lengths of video, and we have heard plenty of horror stories from customers regarding the quality of the transfer performed. Additionally, sometimes these companies will not transfer multiple tapes to DVD’s, or they offer NO custom packaging.

With Perfect Image Video, you get a flat-rate per transfer, and we are known for discounts! The more tapes you have, the less you pay per disc. We feel that we offer a fair price for the excellent work we do, and our prices are in line with reputable competitors.