8mm / Super 8

Film To DVD Transfer
$0.16Per Foot
  • 8mm, Super 8 (Sound or Silent)
  • MP4, MOV, AVI Files Available
  • Full Frame Capture
  • All Film Is Cleaned
  • Your Text Printed On Disc
  • Packaging Including


Film To DVD Transfer
$0.16Per Foot
  • 16mm (Sound or Silent)
  • MP4, MOV, AVI Files Available
  • Full Frame Capture
  • All Film Is Cleaned
  • Your Text Printed On Disc
  • Packaging Including


Film To DVD Transfer
$16.00Per Cassette
  • Polavision
  • MP4, MOV, AVI Files Available
  • Full Frame Capture
  • All Film Is Cleaned
  • Your Text Printed On Disc
  • Packaging Including

About Our Film Transfer Service

Film Formats: 8mm, Super 8, 16mm, Polavision

Available Output Sources: Video DVD (default), MP4, AVI, or MOV

Turnaround Time: 5 – 7 Business Days

Maximum: 2 Hours Per DVD (Best Quality)

All original material will be returned with your order.

Your film is monitored by our technicians during the transfer process. They will remove any scenes that are not visible – dark areas, out of focus film, or any white leader between films on larger reels.

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Preserve Your Film Reels For Generations To Come

Perfect Image Video has been transferring film for over 30 years. We use up to date technology to transfer your film to DVD. Isn’t it time you and your memories got back together?

Transferring your film to DVD is the best way to preserve those long lost memories. All our transfers are done through a professional film telecine and captured by a Sony 3 chip broadcast camera. The DVDs you receive back will be custom-labeled for easy sorting and storage. They can be played on DVD players, computers and laptops.

Perfect Image Video can preserve your film memories to a DVD, MP4, AVI, or MOV format. When requesting a quote please indicate the format you would like your film transferred to. We also have the ability to transfer your film to high definition (1080P). All high definition transfers can be output to a Blu-Ray or MP4 digital file.

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If you are in the San Diego area you can drop off your order at our office located in Kearny Mesa. Walk ins are welcome, no appointment required!


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If you prefer to ship us your order or are outside the San Diego area you can download our order form and follow the shipping instructions.

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We Use Archival Grade Discs

Perfect Image Video understands the importance of preserving your film reels. Our film to DVD transfer service only uses archival grade discs to ensure your memories will last a lifetime.

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Film Reel Sizes

Our Film to DVD Transfers Are Safe and Top Of The Line.

Full Frame Capture

We use enlarged film gates so we can capture 100% of your movie film. Most companies use lower quality transfer systems losing 20–30% of your films imagery.

Clean, Lube, Splice

Before your film is transferred, our technician will take it through a process where it will be cleaned, lubed and repaired of any broken splices. Good preparation of your film is key to a quality transfer.

Made In The U.S.A

All our media transfers are done in house by our experienced technicians. Your order never leaves our facility until it is ready to be picked up or shipped back to you.

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Film Transfer FAQs

Very safe, because they are priceless! We regard your films as a visual historical account of your family and respect them as such. When your films arrive, your order is checked-in by an experienced staff member, and placed in a work bin solely for you.

Everything pertaining to your film transfer order is labeled and remains together at all times from arrival, through transfer, until it is complete. We have never lost or misplaced an order.

You can get approximately 1800 feet of 8mm film and 3600 feet of 16mm film on a 2 hour DVD.

There are a few ways to tell the difference. The easiest is by looking at the sprocket holes. If you have both formats, look at them together, side by side (either the film or the leader). Super 8 film will have much smaller sprocket holes.

Yes, that little box does create some confusion. However it refers to the film when it was originally purchased. Before your 8mm film was shot (exposed) in the camera, it was 25 feet of 16mm, or Dual 8mm Film. The unexposed film reel would have been inserted into the camera, then shot, exposing one side of 25 feet.

Once it ran through, it was turned around to run through a second time, exposing the other side of the 25 feet. When the film was processed (developed), it was cut down the center and the ends spliced together, making it 50 feet long.

Number the film reels and boxes in ascending order (1, 2, 3, 4, 5…..) with a pen or marker. Start with the oldest films first and continue in chronological order to the newest films.

Only use whole numbers starting at one… Don’t use fractions or decimals or letters in your sequence. Never mix film formats, for example going back and forth between Regular8 and Super 8 film. All Regular 8mm film should be first in your sequence and then continue the sequence with your super 8 film.

Cover any hand written numbers on the film reel or box that could disrupt the transfer sequence.

Do not use post it notes on the film reels or boxes, they will fall off and disrupt the film transfer sequence.

If you do not follow the above guidelines we can not guarantee that you film will be transferred in sequence.

Yes, all reels and film boxes are returned with your finished film transfer.