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At Perfect Image Video we are dedicated to transferring your irreplaceable family memories to a high quality digital format that can be shared for years to come.

Video Transfer

Video Transfer Phoenix, Video to DVD Phoenix

We transfer all video tape formats to DVD, digital tape, hard drive or other media. By using professional VCR’s, along with color correction equipment, your video tape transfer will receive the best playback and quality possible. Your video tapes can’t be replaced but they can be digitally preserved.
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HD Video Transfer

HD Video Transfer Phoenix

Transfer your HD memories inside your camera or memory cards and experience all your videos in their full clarity up to 1080p. We can transfer your HDV tapes, hard drive HD camcorder, smart phone or memory cards to a Blu-Ray Disc, external hard drive or to a standard definition DVD. We have years of experience with digital video technology allowing us to give you the highest quality HD transfer possible.
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Film Transfer

Film Transfer Phoenix, Film to DVD Phoenix

Don’t let your film deteriorate by the damaging effects of time. Unlock your treasured memories and preserve your 8mm, Super 8 or 16mm film so they can be shared with friends and family. Perfect Image Video has been transferring film for over 25 years. We use the latest technology to transfer your film to DVD, digital tape or a hard drive.
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Featured Video / Film Transfer Article For Our Phoenix Customers

What Is The Life Span Of A VHS Video Tape?

The VHS tape or any other type of magnetic tape format does not have an exact time frame when the tape will become inoperable and not play. If the video tapes were stored properly then they should play back without exhibiting any major problems. Even tapes that were recorded back in the 80’s and 90’s should be able to withstand the test of time. When the VHS video tape was first introduced to the public the manufactures were giving it a life span anywhere from 15 – 25 years before they would start to exhibit problems or stop working. The video tape has really not had the chance to really find out what it’s life span will be since it has not been that many years since its introduction.

At this point it is anyone’s guess how long the video tape will actually last. One thing we do know is the video tape has a much better chance if it is stored properly which means being kept in a cool dry dark place with little humidity. Video tapes that have been stored like this will transfer better to DVD or other digital media versus tapes that were kept in sunlight or areas that were extremely hot. If you have family video tapes that have been stored properly over the years then now is the time to have them transferred to DVD or a hard drive. The longer you wait the chances become greater that put your video tapes at risk. We do know one thing, the video tape will not last forever and once your memoires are gone there is no chance of retrieving them back.

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